Fast, Efficient Pallet Distribution Throughout the UK & Europe

K&R Mason is the Croydon member of the UPN and TPN pallet networks. Whether it’s a single pallet to Manchester or multiple pallets to Spain, we can handle all your pallet distribution requirements.


What’s a pallet network?

Pallet networks are co-operative organisations made up of groups of professional hauliers working together as Members, Shareholders or Licensees, providing cost-effective, nationwide, next day freight delivery services.


How does it work?

  1. Hauliers operate locally to collect pallets of freight and return them to their depot.
  2. Any pallets outside the haulier’s area are loaded onto trunk vehicles and transported to the pallet network’s national hub. In our case, UPN or TPN’s hub.
  3. Vehicles are unloaded at the hub and pallets are transferred onto trunk vehicles destined for a haulier who operates in the area the pallet is destined for.
  4. Trunk vehicles return to the haulier’s depot with all pallets for delivery to their local area.
  5. Hauliers operate locally to deliver the pallets of freight.


What does it mean for our customers?

By working collaboratively, as part of a network, we can offer a more cost-effective, environmentally sustainable and operationally efficient service for our customers.



TPN Members comprise 107 independent transport companies with 124 depot locations across the UK. With a Central Hub and dedicated Northern Hub, the network provides excellent coverage across the UK, cutting mileage and service times, improving your pallet’s carbon footprint.  TPN offer a comprehensive network across Europe and work with international freight forwarders. They are also the only network with a dedicated Irish counterpart, comprising 23 members.



K&R have been members of the UPN network for just over a year and were proud to be named Eastern Depot of the Year for 2016 at the network’s annual awards.

The UPN network offers first class travel for palletised freight throughout the UK and Europe. With just 90 members it’s not the biggest network, but prides itself on its 99.99% on time delivery record and state of the art real time and web based IT infrastructure, offering exceptional levels of freight visibility and customer service.


If you have a pallet for next day delivery anywhere in the UK, Ireland or Europe, contact K&R on: 0208 665 1600 or email

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