Giraffe Spotted on Croydon Roads

K & R's pallet distribution service through UPN Have you spotted our new UPN trailer with its giraffe livery yet?

As members of the award-winning UPN pallet network, we’ve embraced their new high-impact animal livery initiative, which has seen giraffes, dolphins, penguins, bears, birds and cheetahs featured on trailers travelling the UK’s roads and motorways. The campaign, which began when one network member wanted to promote the UPN brand in their local area, gained so much momentum that UPN adopted the idea centrally, rolling it out to members UK-wide.

Kieran Mason, K & R’s Managing Director, said: “We think the UPN animal livery initiative is a great idea. It’s bold and professional, and the rear door giraffe image really makes our trailer stand out from other hauliers’ trucks. It’s a unique and creative way of raising awareness of our business and particularly our UK and European pallet distribution service. Everyone remembers the truck with the giraffe!”

At K & R Mason, we’re approaching our three-year anniversary with UPN, from whom we were awarded Eastern Depot of the Year in 2016. We currently deliver around 75 pallets per day on behalf of other UPN members, and collect a similar number from our own customers in the Croydon area which we trunk to the central Hub overnight for other depots to deliver. Volumes are steadily increasing as our reputation grows and we take on new business, and we are forecasting exponential growth over the next 12 months.

K & R provide the transportation and distribution of single and multiple pallet consignments throughout the UK and Europe. Utilising UPN’s advanced IT support, and a consistently safe, secure, on time delivery performance, K&R Mason are well equipped to handle all of your palletised freight and full load requirements.

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