How a logistics service can benefit your business.

The UK logistics industry is responsible for moving over 80% of goods that we use and buy, is worth millions of pounds to the UK economy and is the second largest exporter of logistics services after the US.  The industry helps businesses across the country ship their products throughout the UK, Europe and to the rest of the world.  Understanding the benefits of such a service can go a long way towards taking your business to the next level and here’s how…


  1. Cost:  A logistics service can limit your risk of over-spending to transport/deliver your goods by shipping your consignments through the most cost-effective routes and reducing the likelihood of damaged goods.


  1. Inside Knowledge:  Logistics companies have extensive knowledge of how best to transport your freight through a variety of different methods (UK and worldwide) with an understanding of the different laws and regulations that govern your deliveries.  This could be haulage, pallet distribution, international road, air or sea freight.


  1. Time:  Logistics companies like K&R Mason take away the worry of how best to ship your goods (particularly when they are fragile or perishable) and will help you to identify the fastest or most cost-effective route to the freight’s final destination.  A logistics service will save you time using specialist industry expertise; businesses like K&R Mason will do the thinking for you, freeing up your time to concentrate on your day-to-day business operations.


  1. Network relationships:  Transporting your goods can have many moving components, whether it’s by road, air or sea, or with a UK or international destination.  This is where the logistic provider’s relationships with other networks can be utilised to your advantage.  Many hands make for light work and efficient, timely deliveries.  At K&R Mason, we make use of several networks for UK and European deliveries including industry-leading pallet distribution networks TPN and UPN, and groupage services.


An experienced logistics service can give you a competitive edge through the value of its existing professional relationships and industry knowledge, ensuring your goods are transported in the safest, most efficient way.  If you’d like to stand out from the competition, contact us today to learn how we can help you drive your business to the next level with our range of UK pallet distribution and European delivery services!


K&R Mason Logistics in Croydon specialise in the fast, efficient and reliable distribution of palletised freight throughout the UK and Europe. We also offer full and part load distribution throughout London and the South East, providing a true one-stop-shop solution for all your logistics requirements.


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